How To Not Get Hurt

We all love “How To’s” don’t we?  We want a fix, and we want it NOW.  

To some degree this is totally understandable, because we all just want to feel better.  We all just want to feel better in a world that is tough.  Like marathon tough, like swim across the English Channel tough, like WHOA tough.  

But here’s what I have come to terms with.  We will all get hurt.  Rocked to our core, hurt.  You probably already have, which is why you are so darn resistant to it.  “No no no I don’t want to go down that road again, that shit was painful.”  

But by God, isn’t that very pain just a part of the human experience, and dare I say, what helps us grow?

We are all facing excruciatingly painful things on the regular.  Fear, anxiety, loss.  But here’s the truth bomb my loves, you have to feel them.  To sit with them and let them pass through you.  It will get lighter and easier moment by moment, day by day.  Give yourself over to these feelings and let them hold you, and then go forth.  

There is no, how to not get hurt.  There is only a, how to get hurt and keep thriving.  And we keep thriving by knowing that everything is temporary.  That this too shall pass, and that we wouldn't know the highs without the low’s.  We can’t selectively feel, if we numb out hurt we also numb out elated joy. 

If you want to heal it, you've got to feel it my loves.